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Obstetrics and Maternal services

  • Planning and monitoring of pregnancies
  • Issuing of the Austrian Mother-Child-Passports (Mutter Kind Pass). This is a booklet recording the health care provided for pregnant women and children up to the age of five. The information within the passport provides an opportunity for the early detection and timely treatment of diseases and it also assists in monitoring the child’s level of development. Examinations that are recorded in the passport relating to the pregnancy and the first 14 months of a child’s life provide one of the pre-requisites for payment of the Austrian child-care allowance.
  • Non-invasive prenatal tests
  • Stem cell harvesting
  • Maternity care and anesthesia during childbirth, if necessary or desired
  • Preparation for childbirth, natural birth or cesarean section (operative delivery) depending on the medical indications, as well as a section of choice
  • Monitoring the recovery of the mother
  • Private childbirth
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